In keeping up with my goal of one post a day for 30 days, here is a shorter post as I’ve had the day from hell. And have a week of hell coming up.

In the meantime, to expand on my earlier thoughts of how Millenials should save money – it’s extremely important to invest money as well. Don’t put your money away in a savings account where inflation can attack it and eat it up. The mattress as well isn’t an ideal place.

I invest in betterment. Because I don’t have to think. I started putting money in on a monthly basis back in 2012 and since then up to this day, my investment increased to 23.5%. If that’s not a lot, I don’t know what is. Unfortunately I was too stubborn to put in more money as I am risk averse by nature. Regardless, anything helps as the money compounds every year.

Betterment wrote a post on their blog today about how Millenials should start investing in their 20’s because the earlier you start, the faster your money starts working for you. And now is when we don’t have kids and houses and college funds to fund. Now is the best time to save for future contingencies.

If a 25 year old starts investing 100$ a month until he’s 65, he will have approximately $185,700, with a 6% return – if a 35 year old starts investing 100$ a month, by the time he is 65, he will have $94,800, which is almost half had he started at 25.

So here are the key takeaways if anything:


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